After exchanging vows, you want to kick-start your love-life by finding the best honeymoon destinations in the USA without the stress of international travel. If you are living in the USA, you probably want vacation spots in US territories near you. There are so many places all over the world for a romantic vacation. It can be an especially great idea if you are finding cheap honeymoon destinations and you’re not able to get a ton of time off work.

From beautiful beaches to rising mountains and exciting cities, these incredible destinations are sure to make for an unforgettable way to start your wedding.

  1. Dry Tortugas Islands, Florida

The Dry Tortugas was named because of the large population of sea turtles living on the island. “Tortugas” means turtles in Spanish.

If you are looking for affordable honeymoon destinations, this place is perfect for you.

This is also known for its dangerous reefs, and in 1825 a lighthouse was built on Garden Key to warn ships and guide them.

Using modern charting technology, you can now enjoy a safe and enjoyable trip aboard and experience the adventures of the Dry Tortugas with your family and friends.

Dry Tortugas National Park contains the history and natural phenomena that make this island at the Southern tip of the United States a truly beautiful and remarkable place.

It is home to unique birds and has the only regular U.S. nesting site of sooty terns on Bush Key. With active coral reefs, nesting sea turtles, unique tropical fish and underwater wonders visiting the Dry Tortugas is an unforgettable honeymoon destination.

  1. Napa Valley

The Northern California wine country of Napa offers some of America’s most Romantic Wedding destinations.

If cheap honeymoon destinations are your aim, look into the offerings here.

Once in life experience has to be magical and a wedding deserves every bit as beautiful. In Napa Valley you can – host your wedding ceremony outdoors, party the night away inside a grand ballroom noshing on delicious catered bites.

You can plan on staying in Napa Valley for your honeymoon. After all: wine is the reason why this place is famous, but romance is what makes it special.

  1. Big Sur

Big Sur is not just a vacation spot, it’s a state of romance and relaxation. Spreading 90 miles between Monterey Bay and San Simeon on the west coast of central California, quiet environment and exceptional beauty attracts visitors to change their minds, both figuratively and literally.

Pacific Coast Highway, which was built less than 100 years ago, is the main road through the region in Big Sur.

Relaxing high above the surf, the cliffs providing sensational views as it curls in and out of the seemingly endless coastline.

Driving conditions aside, Big Sur’s calming culture is contagious and has been known to attract minds of all kinds seeking romance and peace.

Countless musicians, artists, writers, and photographers have described Big Sur’s powerful presence in their work, yet travelers say its beauty remains indescribable.

Today, Big Sur attracts millions of visitors, but it still hasn’t lost its feeling of the place. Mountains, beaches, rivers, valleys, creeks, coves, wildflowers and wildlife give the pleasure of life.

  1. Hawaii – The Big Island

The Big Island is known as the island of Hawai’i. Because of the largest island of the United States with a total surface of 4,029 square miles got its nickname. Its surface area is also greater than all Hawaiian islands combined.

Around the two large population centers, Hilo on the east coast, and Kona on the west coast has 200,381 inhabitants of the Big Island (which is only 14% of the total population of the state of Hawaii).

  1. Miami, Florida

If you got married in spring, that perfect time for honeymoon in Miami. Because Spring is the best time to visit Miami.

The average temperature during the spring ranges from a comfortable 67 to a soothing 83 degrees. In the Spring Miami has the perfect weather for shorts, t-shirts, and swimsuit!

If you have got married in winter, Miami also makes a great destination to avoid cold weather honeymoon nights. Unfortunately, this is also the crowded time of the year.

In the summer, Miami beaches are the main attraction. In late summer through November, make sure you avoid Honeymoon vacations because hurricanes can pop up during this time.

  1. Carmel Beach

You and your life partner need a weeklong retreat, Carmel Beach offers the bliss of Springtime, year-round.

This unique town has its wonderful characteristics and lots of artistic flairs. Carmel Beach is one of the best honeymoon destinations for newly married looking for a romantic trip.

With charming beaches just steps from shops, galleries, restaurants and hotels, Carmel Beach has gorgeous weather, amazing coastal scenery, dining galore, shopping out the wazoo and tons of things to enjoy the honeymoon.

  1. The Hawaiian island of Kauai, Hawaii