Hashtags are essential tool for promoting your content on Instagram. But since you can only use limited number of them in your posts and comments (see below why) it's extremely important to choose the right ones.

Our tool helps you find them, put together and copy easily. This increases your account exposure and brings new audience. Those sweet likes, huh?


  • How does this work?

    We analyze hashtag usage and can tell which ones are often being used together and are the most successful. Just type any hashtag you want to start with and we'll find the most relevant ones for you!

    On top of that you can filter hashtags by their own popularity, which is often times a great idea if you'd like to avoid too competitive or underexposed ones.

  • What's the difference between Most used and Balanced?

    In the most used list you'll find the hashtags that are being used the most often with the one you're searching. In the balanced you can focus on the popularity of those hashtags instead, and we make sure we offer you relevant suggestions.

    The second option is going to be helpful if you want to avoid overused or unpopular topics. This increases your chances to get featured on hashtag page yet engaging with the audience of moderately popular hashtags.

  • Why can't I select more than 30 hashtags?

    It is limited by Instagram. You can only use up to 30 hashtags under regular posts and up to 10 per story, so choose wisely.

  • What dot spacers?

    There's smart feature on Instagram: once you add five dots each one from the new line everything underneath is being collapsed. This helps your posts and comments look nicer.

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About us

About us

We store and analyze Instagram data to help your posts reach wider audience.

There are so many hashtags out there that chosing the ones that are going to bring you likes is quite a challenge without knowing any particular insights. And that's exactly what ThirtyTags helps you with. We not only reveal similar hashtags but those that have proven track of user engagement.

We take the quality of the tools we provide seriously. See the way for us to improve? Please let us know. Like this place? Feel free to share the vibe with your friends.

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